Who was María Ligia?

María Ligia lived in Chacsinkín, a community located two hours southwest of Merida, the Yucatan capital. She spoke Mayan and Spanish and worked at home to care for her children: a son who was in high school, another who was about to finish junior high, two who were in primary school and one who had not yet started kindergarten. Her mother, Doña Margarita, helped her at home while Eutiquio, her husband, worked in Cancun almost all week.

There are two clinics in Chacsinkín that provide health care for approximately 2,800 inhabitants. María Ligia went to one of them regularly. However, the last time she requested contraception, she was denied access and warned that if she complained it could affect her access to government social programs, essential for maintaining her family.

Thus, her last pregnancy was not planned. She later found out that she was expecting twins.

The five children that she and Eutiquio already have would have two more siblings.